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Loyalty Program

Dominos Club

Domino's Club is a loyalty program of Domino's Pizza.

When buying a pizza, by phone or online, you collect bonuses to your

virtual account and can pay them even for the next purchase.

Get up to 55 bonuses after registration!*

1 bonus = 1 uah.

* Bonuses will be awarded for registrations and will be available for use within 24 hours after the first order of 45 UAH reference to the phone number you entered during registration.

How to join loyalty programs Domino's Club?
  • Sign up

  • Get bonuses

    with each order

  • Pay with

    bonuses for

    the next purchase

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How to get bonuses?

After registration, bonuses will be credited to your virtual account of each purchase

of the total amount to be paid at the rate of 10% to 20%.within the next 24 hours.

  • Amount of the check

    Amount of bonuses

  • 45-250 uah

    4.5-25 bonuses (10% from check)

  • 250-400 uah

    37.5-60 bonuses (15% from check)

  • 400 and more

    80 and more bonuses (20% from check)

  • Example

The more your check, the more bonus you get!

For example, when buying for 100 UAH, you will get

10% of 100 UAH, 10 bonuses.

When buying for 300 UAH, you get already significantly higher percentage bonus of

15% (45 of bonuses from 300 UAH).

When the check is 450 UAH, you will get the maximum percentage of – 20%,

which is 90 bonuses!

Bonuses appear on your account in the next 24 hours.

You can use bonus within the

next 30 days.

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Dominos Club